The Hidden Life Of An Celebrity

Celebrity life can be so isolating.   Personally I wouldn’t know what it means to be popular or  even a popular actress. But, I can put myself in that place of a celebrity, which would be never ending plane rides to different states for press conferences and interviews, hours and hours of filming a TV show or movie while staying in character,  the constant worry of where the next job will be, having to sign magazines/posters/and anything else for hoards of fans.  I can imagine dating in the celebrity world is quite challenging, that’s why most actors and actresses stick to dating celebrities of their likeness.

This picture captures what it means to be in the public eye or even on a film set.  Sitting alone waiting for when the director yells action, trying to remember lines and thinking “please to screw up”.  I’m sure that could be a little daunting but every person that wants to get into that business can never imagine themselves doing anything else. They just identify so much with that and eventually it can become a creative outlet, an escape from the world, a way to be heard.





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