Faking A Smile Joker Style


We all know that being a celebrity is challenging, but to say the very least have you ever just wondered how many celebrities are really happy?  With so many celebrity suicides over the years, I wonder what could really be the reason behind it.  Looking at certain pictures or even a movie that a actor has starred in, I could tell that their is sadness there.  For example, heath ledger was known for playing the joker, but his other films like monsters ball heath ledgers character is a bit shy and awkward and follows orders, but this character is also lonely and finds it hard to relate to others around him, you can say that he doesn’t quite think or act like the others around him.  When this character comes to his untimely death via suicide, this lead me to thinking why would he pick a part to play like this if he doesn’t relate to this one way or another?


























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