Your Worst Self Can Be Your Best Self

For most people, we tend to have these views about ourselves that others may not see, some good and some not so good parts.  Some people hide certain parts of themselves just to fit in, or act normal, other people face their demons on a daily basis.  But, on a rare occasion you meet the person that you are meant to be with and you are forever changed for the good.  You gain all of these positive things that you never knew existed.


Real love is hard to find and even harder to maintain because people these days want perfect and when things get tough people run, they dump whoever they are with just because something got hard.  Love in this time period is less of a connection and more of just random messages that lead people on.


We as people are faced with the reality of seeing who we as people truly are.  The imperfections are just that, things that we can’t control or things that can be improved over time.  But, people who tend to think of themselves as damaged people , tend to be that indeed for a reason.  You can either date that person and build them up and take down their walls or just don’t date someone with imperfections.  If you want perfect, it doesn’t exist.  It has never been their in this world.   Society has covered up the true identity of who we are, the flaws we show , the tattoos on our skin that tells a story.   Society has led us to believe that we have to act a certain way, think a certain way, look a certain way, and be a certain way, but we shouldn’t strive to be societies view of perfect. We should just focus on living and improving our well being.





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