Sit Back Down



You gotta admit the woman in this picture is prob. saying sit back down.   She is playfully teasing her mate.  A little cat and mouse never hurt nobody.    A little suspense .







Sensory Overload




When your eyes are covered, all of your other senses take control.  In a situation like this the experience can be more enjoyable and passionate.

Foreplay In The Simplest Form



   What makes for a good sexual  adventure?  foreplay.    Many sexual adventures fall short of a 10 out of 10 because their was a lack of foreplay.  Many people strive on this and place a high level of emphasis on this and would rather seek a chase or nothing at all.








Objects Are Not What They Seem


When someone see’s a picture or see’s what someone else is doing, they almost always would make a observation on that situation alone without really looking at who those people are.   You could see a man tying his girlfriends shoe , which to most would seem like the man is being submissive to the woman.  But, to some that’s not the case,  It could be, I don’t know the man could care for his girlfriends well being as is nice enough to do those things.   Whatever the situation may be , you just never truly know the full story to any situation.