I Would Think

I would think you’d want to hear what scares me. What describes me. Maybe you’d like to climb into my brain just to see the madness that sets me free.

   Begin from the end than you’ll find.  Stay true, all the roads lead to a truth. 

  I would think that you would want me on a spiritual level just like the movies, just dancing in the rain.  


The distant memories 

A memory so distant and so foreign.  One quick move could change your whole life.  Years past and you could still be rewinding what you could have done.
  Just a memory can cause regret and despair.   Make a wrong move can cost a life unlived.  

  A thousand miles to walk.  A thousand miles to see, what my purpose is. 

  Road signs point towards many directions.   A stop sign to change my misfortune.    


Be weary for what you may find,you may not seek what’s beside you.

  Open the door, around the corners, down the hallways, wonder around like a tourist. My mind, filled with twists and turns, haS no cage, no means to an end. 

Where you’ll find madness is where I’m the happiest. Dreams come alive, secrets break through the cracks. 

  Be weary for what you find. You may not seek whats right beside you.