For More Then their Looks

For these group of actors, clothes must really burn their skin.   For Hugh Jackman and Tom Hiddleston they seem to be without clothes a lot during their movies.  I’m sure people are not complaining, but people must really like actors for their talents and not just their looks.






In-Depth Love

When your in love or when you are with the right person the whole world doesn’t matter.  That person is the only one you want to spend your time with.  You build a life with that person and no one else.   you care for that person’s emotions, spirit, heart and soul.   Looks mean nothing when you are looking for real love.  Personality is what truly matters.  Personality is what makes someone who they are and in turn creates a lasting relationship based on the soul and heart of a person.





The Many Faces Of Acting


With acting their is so many emotions that is needed to perform a certain scene to give the best performance possible.   So, in this post this shows the many emotions of Patrick Dempsey who played Dr. Shepard on Grey’s Anatomy.

Acting is just as creative as playing an instrument or singing or even writing poetry.  It takes time to gain acting skills or to get better in this sort of creative field.   Their is a certain vulnerability that is involved with acting and that has to be embraced. A certain madness that has to be exposed, one has to dig into their self and channel something that can be used to understand the character that they are portraying.