Power Of The Cheek Bones

Cory Michael Smith of Gotham, showing his intense cheek bones.






Dream Date: Gotham


Date someone that looks at you like Oswald looks at jim or when Edward looks at Oswald.  These below pictures really show how much these characters value who they are looking at.  You can just tell by how they look at one another, that their is something going on with them; their is something there.


I find it comforting to believe that their is something out there in this world that has that love for someone.  That look that says it all. Though I haven’t found that myself, I choose to still believe that it exists.











Poison Control

When people become so poisoned too us what do we do?  usually you have one of two choices, break it off with that person or slowly let it destroy you or embrace it and let it become apart of you.









Name Meaning#1


This post is all about the name meanings of the Gotham characters.  The picture speaks for its self.  I’m sure if you have seen the show you will know that the meanings relate pretty well to the characters on the show.







Astrology Signs Of Gotham Characters


This post is of all of the Gotham main characters and their astrology signs as it pertains to them.  So, sit back and enjoy the read.  I’m sure whoever reads this you can relate to each qualities.




Memorable Characters

People remember those characters in a tv show or movie that are not afraid to embrace their true selves.  Those characters never hide who they are and usually revel the sides that are not perfect, which in my opinion people tend to be drawn to those characters and in one way shape or form they root for them, they want those characters to make it out alive.