If you have seen Hemlock Grove you will realize who peter’s real true self is.  So, take a look at this cruel   life of a lie, that will have you living with a huge secret that controls your very well being.   Student by day, Wolf by sunset.


Anyone that is living with a secret or a hidden past, you often isolate yourself from others. You always wonder who you can trust with your whole, true self.




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The Man Behind The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo  Is better know as playing the hulk in the avengers, but to those devoted fans, they would know of him in such films as the kids are alright, in the cut, the normal heart, and many other films.   In interviews he has said that he auditioned over 200 times before landing a solid role.    He has overcome so many things like a failed audition, the stress of landing a movie role, and brain tumor.

Ruffalo was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma  , a type of brain tumor , and had surgery; the tumor was benign, but resulted in a period of partial facial paralysis. He recovered from the paralysis; however, he became deaf in his left ear as a result of the tumor.    On top of all that he had to go through the grieving process of losing his brother.


How anyone overcomes these types of events, really describe the type of person we are, like down to the core.





Clean Shaven V.S Beards


Today’s blog is about the celebrities with the ever changing beards V.S clean shaven men of Hollywood.    First on the list is Andrew Lincoln of Amc’s the walking dead.  He plays Rick Grimes on the tv show.  This man pulls of a great American accent very few knew just by looking at him that he is in fact British.   On walking dead he mostly grows his beard out, but on a normal day clean shaven Is his go too.  What do you think?  yay or nay on this go too look . I vote a 9/10. ♥♥




This talented actor has pulled off some different hairstyles in the name of acting.  Films such as the last batman movie, mad max.  In this picture he is wearing a beard with short hair. This beard is very organized  with paying extra attention to the goatee and the sides are far less emphasized.  yay or nay?  6/10  ♥

Donna Karan's Stephan Weiss Gallery40-Bearded-celebrities_2_2

Another talented actor born across the sea of United States.  This actor originally from Australia, Hugh Jackman   has portrayed a wide range of parts and in commitment to his parts he has changed his hairstyles, morphed his body to prepare for each project.  In this picture his role of wolverine, he had to grow out his side burns and shave the goatee to channel wolverine from the comic books.  yay or nay? 7/10


Leonardo diCaprio has been in the acting business for awhile now. He is another one of those actors that has pulled off different hairstyles for a certain role.   The first picture is his normal, signature look.  The trimmed goatee and pushed back polished hairstyle.  On the left an out and about picture of when he was growing his hair and facial hair out.  What patience it must  have taken to deal with the same exact hairstyle day after day.  Eating food and getting crumbs stuck into his beard.  I bet he had to carry a handheld mirror just to make sure to check for embarrassing left over food , so the paparazzi didn’t take any odd pictures.    Yay or nay on clean shaven dicaprio? or nay or yay on bearded dicaprio?  8/10