Sitting Proper



You have to wonder, I know I do, If these celebs sit proper just because that’s how they sit or if they don’t want any reveling pictures of them taken.


Still A McDreamy


Patrick Dempsey and sons Darby and Sullivan attend Monster Energy Supercross in Anaheim
Actor Patrick Dempsey and twin sons Darby Dempsey and Sullivan Dempsey attend Monster Energy Supercross at Angel Stadium of Anaheim Pictured: Patrick Dempsey Ref: SPL1213877 230116


From the pictures above you can see that the years have been kind to Patrick Dempsey.  After his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, he has still been keeping busy from filming in movies, racing his car, and as well as making a big splash on the personal life department.  A year ago he split from his wife, and has been rumored falling for Jennifer Garner.  But, who can tell if that’s true or not.  Lately he was spotted on the beach with his wife and apparently they are trying to work this out.


Props to them for giving it another go and not giving up so soon.  It just proves that their is real love out there after all.




They’ve Found The Fountain Of Youth

For these famous people, their faces may age , but one thing that keeps them young is their passions.   Their drive for what they love to do.   Harrison Ford loves flying planes, and even though he was in a horrible crash, he refuses to quit because he has this drive and passion.  When he talks about flying planes , he gets spark in his eye.  It’s like he enjoys so much of what he does, that the consequences are always put on the back burner.