The Look Of Love SVU Style



Girl-Girl Relationship Goals


2015 US Open Celebrity Sightings - Day 4
NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 3: Wanda Sykes and her wife Alex attend day four of the 2015 US Open at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 3, 2015 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.


A True Gent



It may shock some, but their are still people out there that open doors, is respectful, actually listens.  Take Colin Farrell for example, he is shown here opening a door for his date.  How respectful is that?  I guess it just depends on your morals and how you view women.




Relationship Cuteness

15xllb60023faf6e1fa59ceec4ee1e5bc8487711090551-patrick-dempsey-and-his-wife-jillian-950x0-2Patrick Dempsey wife, Jillian Fink flaunts White Bikini on a yacht in Caribbean 04tumblr_n5rqm0rUMc1ssw1tno2_500


Still Convinced


Even though these two actors are married to different people, I am still convinced that these two had some type of relationship going on.  Just look at how these two look at each other, there is love there, respect, admiration.   Who doesn’t love when someone looks at you like they have the whole world infront of them.


Still A McDreamy


Patrick Dempsey and sons Darby and Sullivan attend Monster Energy Supercross in Anaheim
Actor Patrick Dempsey and twin sons Darby Dempsey and Sullivan Dempsey attend Monster Energy Supercross at Angel Stadium of Anaheim Pictured: Patrick Dempsey Ref: SPL1213877 230116


From the pictures above you can see that the years have been kind to Patrick Dempsey.  After his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, he has still been keeping busy from filming in movies, racing his car, and as well as making a big splash on the personal life department.  A year ago he split from his wife, and has been rumored falling for Jennifer Garner.  But, who can tell if that’s true or not.  Lately he was spotted on the beach with his wife and apparently they are trying to work this out.


Props to them for giving it another go and not giving up so soon.  It just proves that their is real love out there after all.





When You Accept Someone

When you accept someone, their personal habits and everything about them Is just what makes them who they are.  The person your dating should accept all the parts of you, not just the good parts.

I’ve read in an interview with Robert Pattinson, he has said that he never washes his hair.  He feel like its a waste of time.   The person he has been dating must actually love him as a person and not as this perfect celebrity being.