Men And Skinny Jeans



Not every man out there  can rock a pair of skinny jeans, but it so happens most celeb men have took the plunge and rocked a pair of skinny jeans.   Jared Leto is one of the many to do so.


Women In Suits Rule The World

Women’s style has come a long ways since the ages of wearing just dresses.  Now women can actually do what they want and not with what society thinks they should do.  Women can wear suits, experiment with hairstyles, hair colors, and really anything they want.  Women can rule the world.  Women have equal rights just as men do to have personal freedom and rights.



Skarsgard Fashion

To channel the Skarsgard fashion is very simple.  All you need is basic clothes that adds up to be a wicked pairing.  For example a white shirt, a beanie, blue skinny jeans, and a leather jacket paired together make for a great ensemble.   One of the most important things to remember is always be yourself, dress how you wish to dress. Take chances, and if your happy with what you’re wearing then go for it.









Fashion Forward





This post is about fashion, preferably the fashion of Robin Lord Taylor.  It is show that he is wearing mostly a suit attire.   A suit, skinny jeans can look good on anyone, male or female.  But speaking with just these pictures this man looks very well in a suit. The skinny pants adds a certain shape or you see more of what he is offering, plus skinny pants are more organizing and less in the way like traditional or baggy type pants.