Jensen’s New Haircut



Many of you out there will know this guy as Dean Winchester from supernatural.   Apparently he has a new haircut.  In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a haircut like this.   Buzzing the sides create a more skinny face and therefore creating a more thinner you.


Curly Hair Of HollyWood

For anyone that has naturally curly hair, you feel the pain of what it takes to put up with this type of hair.  Be prepared for puffiness, the need to not comb the hair because it will only make things worse, waking up with hair all over the place.  With curly hair you can’t really predict how your hair will look until you wake up the next day.


Curly hair is very wild and has a lot of body as opposed to straight hair, which is just there and really has no depth wildness.  Although with short straight hair you can spike your hair a lot easier than with curly hair.