A Lifetime

Shot’s fired! Shot’s fired!  beamed on the radio as I was driving .   It was about 15 minutes until my shift was over, on a Friday night at 11:00PM .   For a minute there I wanted to just neglect the call and ride out the time, just driving around.  There is one thing that I forgot, I actually loved this job.  I loved the excitement, the doing good things in this world, at least that’s what I convince myself at night, as I lay down to sleep.  In my single bed, filled with things that I really didn’t need.     As I thought to myself “am I really that alone”?

As I snapped back to reality, I answered the call on the radio by saying This is sergeant E. Jackie  on route.   As I pulled up to the store.  The parking lot was completely empty, the lights in the the parking lot were not working.  “man this looks like a ghost town”.  The store was a big one, almost like what you would imagine a food lion to be. I had no idea what I was walking into.  In my entire time as a cop, I never knew what I was walking into, I just went into the room and always did what it took to get the job done.  I guess you can say I’m quite careless in that way.  I took chances, sometimes they worked and sometimes , they landed me in a hospital room with gunshot and knife wounds.    I’ve had a lot of things thrown at me, but somehow I ended up surviving it all.  Maybe it was fate or chance, but I wasn’t about to quit my job just yet.


I slowly walked up to the front door, with my 9mm gun fully loaded and ready to go.  Their was no sign of people in the store, maybe they’re gone, maybe theirs a hostage situation.   As I opened the door, the whole room was dim lit and it was made to look like the store was closed, but it seems a little too quiet.   I proceeded to walk down one of the aisles , quietly as I could not making a sound.   There was no sign of anyone what so ever.   I ended up in this back room.  I stood outside the door because I could hear voices.  One was a deep voice and other of a kid .



To Be Continued…..




Something To Think About: Blind Faith

What do you do when all else fails, when its all said and done?    People have said that when you know that your meant to do something, you just know , same goes for true love.  How could I of all people leave my horrible luck to blind faith


From past occurrence’s to my luck in general, lets face it I don’t have the best.   Things have never really went my way fully.   But, that’s another story entirely.  So how do you really believe blind faith if you’ve been dealt the cards that might not be too good?