True D.



True Detective is unlike any show out there.  This series really dives into the lives of these characters.  This show really revels the flaws and how imperfect someone can be, which really in my opinion makes these characters likeable .   Showing that human side is rare and not many people do that in reality or in the film and tv world, but this show really dives into that.


I’m sure at one point or another or even know we could all relate to the main character ray Velcro


The Night Manager

Premiering on BBC is a brand new show called The Night Manager.  This show mixes between conspiracies and spies.  This show reminds me of a tv version of James Bond.  I’m not going to give out any spoiler’s, but If you love action and gripping storylines, then you will love this show.  elizabeth-debicki-e-hugh-laurie

The Night Manager - Generics